About Salon Blanc

Established in 2007, Salon Blanc is a project intended to reinterpret the entire salon experience. It is a dynamic space that constantly changes with the times, offering a fresh experience every time you walk in. By constantly evolving the workspace, the creative work of our stylists will grow and remain exciting, much like an artist’s studio. It goes beyond traditional salon expectations by taking in all aspects of the clients’ experiences from the very moment they walk through the door.

The simple, minimalist interior is designed to be a blank canvas seeking to address the creation of a dynamic and flexible work environment. The design aesthetic strives to achieve a dynamic space, created around the notion that the environment (set and setting) not only influences the work, but becomes a necessary component in the creative process.

From 2008 to 2020 Alan V drove the company to another level. Salon Blanc has been recognized around the world for being Hawaii s Celebrity’s salon. We’ve been featured in high-fashion magazines such as Hi LuxuryModern LuxuryHonolulu Magazine’s Best StylistDysfunction, and more. We’re also featured in a number of TV shows such as Hawaii KHON News Monday MakeoverLiving Local, European TV shows, and KITV News. We’re also awarded as the Best Salon on Yelp.

We’re recognized as the celebrity salon of Honolulu and we keep our clients very private. Our clients range from college graduates (transitioning into their professional careers), VIPs, CEOs, to celebrities such as news anchors, models, and Hollywood actors.

At Blanc we create looks that are gear towards your professional and daily  lifestyle combining today’s modern trends using all the latest techniques and  tools executing the perfect look for all clients needs.

At Salon Blanc, we are passionate about what we do. We listen to what you want and meet the goals you desire. We are here to make you look and feel beautiful.

Get to know Alan V

Between 2007 and 2015, Alan V helped Salon Blanc was recognized around the world as Hawaii’s celebrity salon. Alan stands out because he creates the best experience for each client. Alan’s clients are on the leading edge of fashion and glamour.

Always willing to teach and pass on experiences to his colleagues, Alan is always sharing new tricks and ideas. When he is not teaching, he’s open to learning and enhancing ideas to provide more value to his business. Call to schedule your appointment with Alan today!

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